"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe  

The elegance of the poet gives expression to my life-long passion for photography.

My father introduced me to the world of photography. He was an educator at Los Andes University in Merida, Venezuela. He took aerial images to draw the topography of the land below in order to create roadmaps in the photogrammetry lab. Landscape photography became my passion when in the darkroom images appeared magically in a piece of paper right in front of my eyes…

The desire to appreciate and study the works of artists such as Peter Lik, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Marc Riboud influence my artistic development.  These amazing creators have given me a sense of respect and gratitude for the world in which we live. I developed a sense of admiration for the most fragile detail, colors, light, and textures. I capture the relationship between the landscape and all of the living things in perfect harmony. That is my photographic perspective.

My creative approach to landscape photography is characterized by a harmonious blend of aesthetics, innovation, and impactful storytelling, aligning perfectly with my goals as a creator. With a strong design philosophy and a commitment to pushing boundaries in my field, my portfolio stands out in terms of aesthetics, innovation, and impact. My portfolio showcases a profound understanding of composition, lighting, and color. The visual harmony I achieve in my images creates a sense of balance and tranquility, inviting viewers into the scene. 

At the core of my creative approach lies a design philosophy that recognizes nature as the ultimate artist. I aim to capture and share its masterpieces, showcasing the intricate details and awe-inspiring grandeur that exist in the natural world. Through my photographs, I seek to convey a sense of harmony, inviting viewers to pause, reflect, and reconnect with the beauty and serenity that surrounds us. My design philosophy emphasizes the importance of preservation and environmental consciousness, as I strive to awaken a sense of stewardship in my audience.

“The sun each day gives way to the horizon, shapes and forms are present, life flows with feelings of warmth, simplicity wrapped in silence, solitude, and timeless love”.  That is what photography means to me.


- Jean-Claude Ardila



Jean-Claude is a full-time photographer based in Tampa, Florida. His experience and photographic perspective come from years perfecting the art of capturing light, landscapes and the essence of the places he photographs. Jean-Claude has visited over 25 countries and has lived in 3 different countries throughout his career.

He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. His photographs have won international competitions in the USA and Latin America. His images have been published on numerous websites, newspapers, and magazines related to Landscape Design, Architecture as well as publications supporting conservation of our planet and the oceans. Jean-Claude displays and sells his work in fine art shows on the Eastern Seaboard and in Latin America throughout the year. He also works with Landscape Designers, Interior Designers and Architectural companies in Florida, South Carolina and several countries in Latin America.

In January 2016, Jean-Claude founded Camera Expeditions. Camera Expeditions is a photographic workshop where he uses a hands-on approach by teaching landscape techniques to students on location. He is very active on Instagram and Facebook where he is followed by over 10K people around the world. Jean-Claude is also a member of Professional Photographers of America where he is obtaining through merits the title of Master Fine Art Photographer.


Awards & Publications


Architizer Vision Awards 2023

Nominated for Professional Category

Photo: A Glimpse of Heaven





One Photo Challenge Competition 2022

1st Place Professional Category

Photo: A Glimpse of Heaven



7th Fine Art Photography Awards

Honorable Mention: "My Quintessence"

Nomination in the Professional Seascape Category



Photograph: "My Quintessence"

Featured in CNN, CBS, ABC and Social Media Platforms

September 2020




Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Publication and Collaboration with the Photographs The Philosophy of a Storm, Jekyll on Fire and Golden Dream.



Black & White Magazine 

Winning Photograph: "The Inner Soul" 

Edition 131. 2019


Weather Channel 

It's Amazing Out There" Photo Contest 2018

Top Ten Finalist 


House Trends Magazine

Publication Summer 2018

Photographic Credits to Jean-Claude Photography


Trends Magazine

Ayres Associates - Publication Summer 2017

Photographic Credits to Jean-Claude Photography

Article "Clearing the hurdles"

By Wendy Kinderman


Canon Photographic Competition

New York, NY 2017

Featured Photographer in Canon's UBUPrints Program

Wave of Oaks + Top Place


International Photographic Competition

New Orleans, Louisiana 2016

Professional Category

Wave of Oaks + 1st Place


Latin America Photographic Competition

Agenda del Mar. Medellin, Colombia 2014

Underwater Category

Bajo el Sol + 1st Place


Latin America Photographic Competition

Diario El Tiempo. Medellin, Colombia 2012

Street Category Arcoiris de Flores + 1st Place


Latin America Photographic Competition

Agenda del Mar. Medellin, Colombia 2011

Dancing Sunset + Honorable Mention


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